WARNING: Signs of Substantial Inflation

You’ve heard me talk about the effects of money printing, global shortages on a lot of things, substantial inflation is coming and you got to invest to protect your cash.

You might disagree with me and you can completely ignore what I said.

But I don’t think you should ignore one of the most successful investors of all time and currently the seventh wealthiest person in the world.

He’s here today to answer the question “are you seeing signs of inflation beginning to increase?”

Warren Buffet.


3 New Taxes in the 2021 Federal Budget

A few weeks ago, some banks urged the government to take immediate actions to cool the housing market. 

We went through some of the BMO suggestions in a previous post. 

The ones that got the most attention or debates were the ones related to adding new taxes, especially applying the capital gain tax on principal residences. 

So the federal government delivered the 2021 budget on April 19. 

It’s the first budget since the pandemic and it’s massive in both size and spending. We have a 725 page document proposing $101 billion dollars in new spending. And the federal debt is expected to climb over $1.2 trillion dollars in the current fiscal year. In this video, we’re going to take a look at the top 3 government spendings in the 2021 budget. 

Then we’re going to talk about the top 3 revenue measures. Yup, that means new taxes and one of them is a housing related tax. 


Market Updates April 2021 – Overheated Market? New Policies to Cool Down?

Are we in an overheated housing market?

Is the government going to make immediate policy changes to cool it down?

The market has been flooded with news over the past couple weeks.

And if you just look at the headlines, they can certainly be very confusing.

Some banks came out to say that the government needs to take immediate actions to cool down the market.

But then some banks also came out to say “Hold on guys, let’s just wait and see before making any rush policy changes”.

So today, I’m going to pick out some of the most popular headlines and we’ll dive in to see what they are really saying.