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What Then?
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Grand Festival Condos

Grand at Festival Condos is a new pre-construction condo by Menkes Developments and QuadReal in South VMC, Vaughan. This master-planned condominium is located at 1 Commerce Street by Jane Street & Highway 7, and it is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2025.

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Units Sold Since 2017
Units Sold In 2020
Units Occupied Since Aug 2020
Units Rented Since Aug 2020

The Vision

Downtown Vaughan in 2031

Grand Festival Vision
Residential Units
1.6M Sq.Ft.
Office Space
542,000 Sq.Ft.
Retail Space

When do you ever get an opportunity to build a downtown from scratch?

And it doesn’t just look nice on paper, things have been put into actions...

What’s Been Built So Far...

Grand Festival VMC Today


Subway - The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Station

Vaughan is the only city outside of the City of Toronto that has subway access!

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station is the north terminus of the western section of the Yonge-University subway line.

The station opened for service on December 17, 2017.

The VMC is just a quick 5-minute subway ride to the York University Station, a 36-minute ride to the St. George station at the University of Toronto campus and a 45-minute ride to the Union Station.

Grand Festival VMC Station
Grand Festival VMC Viva

Bus Rapid Transit

The Viva Bus Rapidway serves the Viva (York Region) and Zum (Brampton) transit systems.

The VMC vivastation has an underground pathway that connects to the VMC Subway Station and the SmartVMC Bus Terminal.

Local Bus

Local bus service by York Region Transit operates from SmartVMC Bus Terminal. It is connected above and below ground to the VMC Subway Station and the VMC vivastation.

Grand Festival VMC Bus Station

Office Towers

The KPMG and PwC towers have attracted top companies like KPMG, PwC, Miller Thomson, BMO, TD Bank, GFL Environmental and Harley-Davidson Canada to Downtown Vaughan.

Grand Festival VMC KPMG
Located in the heart of the GTA, Vaughan was a clear choice for us to set up a new office. We are better positioned - literally - to service clients across the GTA and in York Region.
- Sebastian Distefano KPMG Regional Managing Partner, GTA


YMCA is opening a new 77,000 square feet flagship location in VMC later this year.

This new YMCA will feature:

  • A full-sized gymnasium
  • Two pools
  • Whirlpools and steam rooms
  • A multi-purpose fitness studio
  • A conditioning weight room
  • Library
  • Licensed child care centre


Transit City 1 & 2 started occupancy in August 2020.

You would imagine rental to be quite deadly with over a thousand units taking occupancy at around the same time.

The truth is 597 units have been leased since last August.

That really tells you the demand in this VMC location.

Transit City 3 will be ready for occupancy in just a few months.

Transit City 4 & 5 are currently under construction.

The Mobilio site with both condo towers and townhouses are currently under construction as well.

Opportunity For You Today

The Grand Festival


The Developer

Menkes Logo

65 Years of Excellence in Both Single Family Homes & Condominiums.

Recently Completed Condos:

  • In.De - Downtown
  • Fleur - Downtown
  • Harbour Plaza - Downtown
  • 87 Peter - Downtown
  • 365 Church - Downtown
  • Fabrik - Downtown
  • Pears on the Avenue - Downtown
  • Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences - Downtown
  • The Eglinton - Midtown
  • Gibson Square - North York
Menkes Projects

The Plan

South VMC

Menkes owns over 100 acres of land in the VMC, south of Highway 7.

Menkes Site

And here’s the grand plan for the coming decade!

Menkes Site Scale

What’s been sold so far?

The smaller site closer to Jane St is branded as “Mobilio”. It was sold in 2017 and will have both condo towers and townhouses. It’s currently under construction.

Menkes is now at the beginning of the sales process for the bigger site closer to Highway 7.

Two towers branded as “Festival” went on sale in September 2020, in the middle of Covid.

1,300 units SOLD.

That’s why we’re now launching another 2 towers for sale.

They are called the “Grand Festival” and are highlighted in the photo above.

The Investment Opportunity

The Grand Festival

The best time to invest in a master plan development is when there’s not much to see.

If you see the potential when most people can’t, then you will be enjoying the biggest growth when things start to materialize.

Sales for the Grand Festival is starting now.

1 bedroom units are in the mid $500’s.

2 bedroom units are in the mid $700’s.

Dan Wong

Who Is Dan Wong?

Dan Wong is well known for creating opportunities from every crisis.

He has gone through 3 very different careers, from a computer store owner to a computer hardware design engineer at a tech giant, to a real estate broker. He started each new career from a crisis and he became more successful than ever in each.

So when he started CondoWong Real Estate Inc., Brokerage, he wanted to create a real estate brand that not only survives but thrives through constant changes and uncertain times. And this mission is best accomplished by delivering proven results to our investors consistently.

CondoWong is powered by a full-service in-house team to help you land on a winning investment and take care of it throughout its lifetime, delivering the hands-free and rewarding investment experience that every investor dreamed about.

Every crisis is an opportunity. Changes are happening constantly, don't get too comfortable and don't be afraid of changes. Embrace Change. It's all about how you react in the crisis.
- Dan Wong CEO & Founder of CondoWong
So we’re dealing with inflation and under supply, when those 2 things happen at the same time, it’ll be hard to see prices come down.
Market News - What’s Next for the Toronto Real Estate Market?

Why Should You Invest with CondoWong?

  • You can leverage our relationship with Menkes to get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over others.
  • You can enjoy a PREMIUM INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE because our full-service in-house team is here to take care of your investment from now through to rental management.
  • We are the EXPERT in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. We helped our client lease their Transit City units within 30 days even during the Covid rental market.
  • Buy from a BRAND NAME - you will be working with Dan Wong directly. Dan has an exceptional ability to help investors grow their wealth.

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